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Glow Love

“Best organic spray tan! Brigitte - is a pro and made me feel comfortable. My tan lasted and looked natural. I bought a bottle of self tanner too, that is great. She gave me tips to keep my tan looking fresh. I really appreciate her knowledge and professionalism.”


“The best tanning experience I have ever had. A wonderful smelling product which lasts and does not make your skin look orange. I never got so many compliments! A healthy, natural glow is what I am all about and this product delivers! Try it and see for yourself!”


“Just wanted to say that this place is a hidden gem! The ladies are so sweet and this was one of the best spray tans I have ever had. They have a really cute spot! I can’t wait to try their intraceuticals facials. I also bought some delicious smelling organic skincare products. Thank you ladies! I will definitely be back!”


“Okay, so I am not a big ‘sit out in the sun’ tanner and everyone makes fun of how white I am so I decided to try spray tan. I was a little hesitant at first but Brigitte made me feel so comfortable and I came out of there looking and smelling amazing. The product actually smells good. I was afraid I would look and smell like an orange. NOT THE CASE. She really knows what she is sound and has great people skills. If you want to look good, smell good, and leave with a little boost to your ego, GO HERE! I highly recommend it.”


“Such a great experience getting my first spray tan! Jill is so kind, friendly, and professional. She knew exactly what shade I needed for a natural glow for my photoshoot. She explained all the guidelines for after care and was so sweet and honest. I loved my tan with the tones still on and the final color turned out even more perfect. Can't wait to come here when I need a tan for an event again.

Thank you Jill!”


“First time getting a spray tan and I loved it! Went in before a wedding and I was nervous I’d turn out too dark (it being a winter wedding) or orange. Brigitte gave me the perfect color and such an even spray. She is very professional but still makes you feel right at home, and the place is really adorable. I was impressed with her knowledge on all of their products and services, I think it shows they really do their research and support what they offer, and I like that the spray tans are organic and actually smell nice! I will definitely be back!


“This is the best spray tanning salon! I came here before my wedding and couldn't be happier. Jill and Brigitte are fantastic and so detail oriented. My tan matches my complexion perfectly (an olive tone - no orange at all!) I tried several salons before Glow Bar and was not pleased. The first place refused to do anything other than a "soft glow" and the second place was sloppy and left me with splotches. I was about to give up  just until I came across Glow Bar!

So glad I did!"


“Absolutely love this place! I am about as pale as it gets, and I was hesitant about getting spray tans because I didn't want to turn orange. My fears quickly went away after trying The Glow Bar! My tan always looks natural and beautiful, and lasts a few weeks. In addition to the great tan, the customer service is AMAZING! All the ladies here are SO sweet and accommodating. I was nervous about going au natural for my tan (because I didn't want tan lines), but the ladies make you feel so comfortable it is not an issue. I will never go anywhere else for a tan!”


“Perfect spray tan! This is the place to go...I wanted to have a nice tan before my trip to Cabo and chose The Glow Bar after speaking with the owner, Brigitte.  She is so kind and very professional and has so much knowledge about her products. She chose just the right color for my skin and I was amazed at how perfect her spraying technique was. She knows how to make your skin look beautiful. Her mother does the facials and has so much experience, too. She was just as wonderful as Brigitte. They both took wonderful care of me. Happy!”


“I love this place! I've been to several places to get a spray tan and this place is by FAR the best! I got a spray tan with Brigitte before my trip to the Dominican Republic and the color was amazing - a bronzy tan, not orange at all. She puts a scent in the spray so that you smell great as well! Brigitte talked me through the tan and made me feel totally comfortable. The color was even and you could not even tell it was a spray tan! I will definitely go back to get another tan and recommend this place to everyone!”So glad I did!"


“I've had a couple of spray tans at other places before with iffy results - uneven color, fast fading, weird crackling effect.  But the thought of facing L.A. for 10 days with my NorCal complexion made me try again.


Brigitte's product knowledge and service were truly superior. She explained everything about the process in detail (leave some extra time on your first appointment; it's worth it to become an informed consumer.) She was careful, professional, friendly and efficient. She is very attentive to detail and doesn't take a "one size fits all" approach. Also, she sold me just the product I needed and didn't try to push others on me. I followed her maintenance tips and my tan still looked great a full two weeks after spraying. Highly recommended!


“Best spray tan experience ever! Every time I go, I get so many compliments on my tan and when I share that it was a spray tan, nobody believes me and says it looks so natural. And it really does. I think it’s because Jill (who I see) is a master at choosing the right formula for your skin type and working with what level of tan you want to be. I personally like to go a little darker, and it never ever looks fake. I have been to several different tanning places over  the years in Marin County, and hands down, this is the best experience. It is not a rushed experience, and for sure I have never felt more comfortable in front of anyone almost naked! Jill is so kind and thoughtful and non-judgmental. Oh, there are also lots of little beauty treats you can purchase there as well.”


“First time that I was at the Glow Bar. Alex was very professional informative, & simply amazing. The color was flawless and perfect gloe. Alex is so sweet, just loved hee. When back in town from Chicago, I will definitely be back for a fabulous glow from Alex. Thank you.”


“Would highly recommend Jill, she is very thorough before prep and after cleanup with nails, between fingers, etc. Love that they make notes on what the occasion/travel reason is for the service. Salon is very clean and well appointed. Definitely recommend it!”


“My sister and I love the glow bar! We tanned here for my sister's wedding and they nailed it! Obviously you want to go somewhere you trust for a wedding and being a spray tan connoisseur I can swear by this place! And most importantly I go dark when I spray tan and there wasn't any orange tint, they nailed it! Thanks!


“Best organic spray tan! Brigitte - is a pro and made me feel comfortable. My tan lasted and looked natural. I bought a bottle of self tanner too, that is great. She gave me tips to keep my tan looking fresh. I really appreciate her knowledge and professionalism.”


“Brigitte is unique, she is my favorite. She is so sweet and so professional! I love coming to the Glow Bar! Products are great too. This is the place to go! Believe me, you will love it!”


“I got my first ever facial from Alex at the Glow Bar. She was wonderful! She was very knowledgeable, professional and kind. The facial was so relaxing that I nearly fell asleep! I would highly recommend it, and I will definitely be coming back for another one!”


“Brigitte is the consummate professional! She has a lovely space to do consultations in, and a great ability to listen to you and answer any questions or concerns. To boot, all of her products are organic and smell delicious! The tan looks completely natural - no orange here! And it was perfectly even. If you’re looking for the perfect spray tan, look no further.”


“All the ladies here are great but Alex is my favorite! Her spray tans are legendary. Natural looking and really lasts long. I usually go for the European facial, but the microderm is my new favorite. The results are noticeable and my skin feels so smooth afterwards. They use the best

products too”


“I love the Glow Bar! Brigitte is such a professional and knows the right product for your skin. She is so sweet and makes you feel very comfortable. I felt very taken care of and knew I was in the best hands. I felt like I was being pampered through it all and the result was a beautiful, golden color that looked amazing! Parking is easy and plentiful. Best place for an organic spray in the county!”


“I am very pleased to have found The Glow Bar. Convenient, private, and professional. Brigitte is thorough and knowledgeable. She is also very personable and fun to chat with, which could not be more important as you stand - a bathing suit is optional in front of her for the entire application!


The result is natural, and for me, lasted even longer than stated. She accommodated my schedule with great flexibility, which I really appreciated. I plan to skip the sun entirely this summer, and The Glow Bar will help me do that!”


“I got my first spray tan ever by Brigitte and was very impressed! I was a little apprehensive about spray tans in general. I had always thought spray on tans would leave me orange or covered in chemicals. Because I had a 50% off coupon, I decided to give it a try.


I came out feeling like my skin was actually all one shade and tan lines that seemed impossible to get rid of had actually faded. The most surprising part . . . the product actually smells really good!! Brigitte was very informative and walked me through the whole process while making me feel totally comfortable. When my tan lines return, I will be back!”


“I absolutely love these ladies. Manuelle is probably one of the sweetest, kindest ladies that I have ever met. You lay on her bed for a facial and just melt into pure relaxation. I don't know how to explain it other than you just trust her. She is so experienced that it all just feels like a dance on your face. I LOVE her facials. So relaxing after a long mommy day. 


Whether you are in desperate need of a facial or you need a beautiful tan for an event, this is the place to come to. These ladies are true experts at what they do, so thank you the glow bar for making us Marin mommies look so smashing. As Victoria Beckham says, "this place is major!" A total must!”


“Fabulous, and a great smelling product! Plus, organic, who wouldn't love that! And I really got a beautiful glow, rather than looking too orange. Can't wait for my next appt!”


“Super cute salon! The color lasted a long time, golden brown, and it didn't smell bad like most spray tans!”


“Great tan, so natural, non smelly, so easy to book and change times online. Competitive prices too - will definitely be back!”


“My tan with Alex came out perfect today! Great color and application. The product feels great and no weird smell! Will definitely return!”


“The best place ever! Alex was very friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable throughout my spray tan. I am very happy with my tan and will definitely be coming back again. Thank you, Alex!”


"This place is magic! If you are looking for the best facial in town or a flawless spray tan, this is the place. I've been coming here since they opened & will continue to support this awesome, women owned business. Try it for yourself!"


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